Use Cases

Increase Effectiveness of other
Security Solutions

  • Improves decision making for incident response and policy enforcement
  • Improves Vertical Products, Horizontal Analysis
  • Integrates with open standards including security information and event management (SIEM), firewalls and unified threat management systems, intrusion detection and prevention, secure web gateways and secure email gateways, endpoint protection, web application protection, distributed denial of service, vulnerability management, security orchestration, and more
Vector of Internet Security Systems

Open, Deep, and Dark Web Monitoring

  • Gather deep web and dark web information and offering as intelligence
  • By analyzing high profile targets, techniques, list and chats in the darkweb and deepweb. It can take many years of experience to effectively infiltrate these spaces and provide effective and timely analysis, Unify Vault comes with curated expert analysis and valuable unique indicators
  • Set up DDW scanner and Crawler to Proactively secure against unknown sites/sources and predict the new type of attacks
usecase - image 3

Detection & Response, a New Paradigm

Not every attack can be mitigated or prevented, but Unify Vault can learn to detect and respond faster, providing valuable intelligence to analyst and security specialist

Unify Vault offers a unique solution for:

  • Hunt for Threats proactively, as threat hunting uses mature companies and information security infrastructure to understand current stand, evaluate and prevent
  • ON-demand access to analysis of samples failed, hashes, URL, and media,
  • Unique communication with proxy solutions, and tunneling of protected users
  • Increase in use of deceptive technology to detect the malicious attack and limit its impact on critical enterprise resources by setting up sophisticated Honey Pots