IOT For Manufacturing, Automotive, Oil And Gas Facilities

Industrial and manufacturing companies haven’t taken adequate measures to secure their systems and are the most susceptible to cyber threats. Cyber criminals now are after intellectual property (IP). Focusing is more on traditional industries such as manufacturing, Automotive, Oil, and Gas etc. These corporations are less advanced in terms of cybersecurity and are easy targets.

Some important cybersecurity findings for the manufacturing industry:
  • 28% of manufacturing organizations reported a loss of revenue due to attack(s) in the past year—the average lost revenue was 14%.
  • 46% of manufacturing organizations use six or more vendors, with 20% using more than ten. 63% use six or more products, with 30% using more than ten products.
  • Nearly 60% of manufacturing organizations report having fewer than 30 employees dedicated to security, while 25% consider a lack of trained personnel as a major obstacle in adopting advanced security processes and technology.

The Internet of Things (IoT), has enabled manufacturers to run operations much more efficiently at greater speeds. Unfortunately, IoT is also a haven for hackers to create specific “Botnets”( a collection of internet-connected devices, which can include servers, personal computers, mobile devices and IoT devices) wherein malware-infected computers attack a website and compromise IoT devices used in manufacturing.
Manufacturers and other users are typically unaware of a botnet infecting their system.

These attacks can disrupt a companies’ manufacturing processes, lead to defective products, downtime and product recall.

UnifyVault detects and thwarts attacks against critical infrastructure including IOT and will protect these organizations by continuous monitoring, detection, and prevention.

Web Vulnerabilities

Websites interacting with IoT devices have open ports that can be used to penetrate.

Firmware Updates

Maintain a tight control and prevent Malicious OTP.

Distributed Client Server

Prevents Single Point of decision making that leads to failure.

Hackers Paradise

80% did not require passwords and there were 25 Anomalies or Risks on average on each device




75% of the devices are vulnerable and the average time to hack is 15 Seconds