Identity & Access Vault

UnifyVault Overview

UnifyVault – A Convenient and Safe Access to Applications

UnifyVault is the software for controlling the users’ access to applications. It allows you to equip your company’s websites and mobile applications with user account security features built with the best of modern security practices.

Single Sign-On

Simplify Login process

Two-factor Authentication

Secure your data using multiple layers

Access Governance

Better access control

Social Login

A solution for password fatigue


Consolidated reports for auditors

Adaptive Authentication

Artificial Intelligence for better security

Self Service and Appearance

Readily configurable and Personalized user experience


Speed and accuracy matters


Integration with ease


Enterprise Edition
User Authentication Login and password
Using hardware digital signature (USB token or smartcard)
Hardware HOTP / TOTP tokens
Software TOTP Generators
One-time SMS-codes
Push notifications
External authentication Social login (Facebook, Google)
Using Kerberos-server
Using a compatible TLS / SSL gateway or a VPN gateway
Using another instance of Blitz Identity Provider.
Supported SSO Protocols SAML 1.0/1.1/2.0
OIDC 1.0 / OAuth 2.0
Using Web Proxy
Supported External Storages Identity Provider internal database
Microsoft Active Directory / Samba4
LDAP-compatible server
Arbitrary Storage (through a REST connector)
The ability to simultaneously use multiple account stores Yes
Self Service User self-registration
Recovery of a forgotten password
User profile
Customizable appearance of login pages Yes, advanced customization for each application
Flexible configuration of access control rules Yes, configuring complex access rules into different applications, depending on user attributes, authentication methods, environment parameters
Logging of access events Yes, with a search using web console and manual/automatical export to CSV
Administrator Tools Administrator web-console
Deployment scheme Linux, cluster
Technical support (available service levels) Basic, Advanced, Premium