Social Engineering Tactics

by admin-unifyvault • May 3, 2018

1: Feign familiarity and/or shorten degrees of separation Social engineers who work through phone calls typically focus on convincing their targets that they are either a fellow employee (larger businesses are more at risk for this) or an external authority such as an auditor or on-board consultant or analyst. If a social engineer wants information […]

General Social Engineering Manifestations

by admin-unifyvault • May 3, 2018

Social engineering attacks carried out by insiders Extracting sensitive company information such as passwords, trade secrets, or project plans from the inside through social rapport and better-targeted penetration attempts and delivering the acquired information to third parties. Using confidential information as leverage for finding a new job or achieving a better position inside the company. […]

APT Expanded

by admin-unifyvault • May 3, 2018

Advanced Persistent Threat is a catchall name for a prolonged, aimed attack on a specific target with the intention to compromise their system and gain information from or about that target. The target can be a person, an organization or a business. When these threats were dubbed their targets were governments and military organizations. The […]