Vault365 – Advanced Threat Intelligence


complex and Varied Security Tools


50 Days

Average Time to Resolve Malware Attack


23 Days

Average Time to Resolve Ransomware Attack


Lack of Threat Intelligence Sharing


Lack of Unified Collaborative Threat Platform

Cyber Threat Landscape

Vault365’s Solution

A patent-pending ADI(Advanced Distributed Intelligence) Engine (with blockchain technology) processes every data transaction for all types of IOE’s. Each IOE runs a pre-identified smart contract, which learns the reason of the IOE from huge threat communities and databases. This process enables the Vault365 with the capacity to detect APT, zero-day, file-based and file-less Malware.

Thanks to Blockchain technology – All the logs and incidents are time-stamped, evidence of an attack cannot be erased avoiding data breaches

  • Ability to Detect
    • File-based and file-less malware
    • Zero-day
    • Advanced Persistent Threat
    • DDoS
    • All vulnerabilities and advanced threats
  • High Visibility into the most sophisticated attacks
  • Low false positive/negative Rates
  • Support for IPv4 and IPv6 environments
  • Continuous parsing of all the traffic for detecting and providing exact location and the cause of the attack